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Narmore Law Office LLC

I want to provide the best possible assistance to my clients, and after 24 years of bankruptcy-related legal work I have definite opinions about what a law firm should and should not be.  

Plenty of free, onsite parking available during your visit.
Narmore Law Office

What does my firm have to offer you?

  • Bankruptcy is my area of expertise.  It’s what I do, and it’s the only type of business handled by this firm.  I only represent individuals seeking relief under the Bankruptcy Code. 

  • Every aspect of your case, from beginning to end, will be handled by the same experienced attorney.  

  • Individual attention: My business model is a simple one: I want to keep costs low so that I can provide the necessary attention to a small group of clients to make sure they receive the best representation possible.


  • No legalese: All good relationships are based on communication and understanding.  I want my clients to know they have been heard and understood, to know what is happening at every stage in their cases, and why.  I never like to tell a client “that’s just the way it is,” or “it’s too complicated to explain to you.”  Whenever possible, the agreements, documents and letters prepared by the firm use everyday words and phrases so they can be understood by a nonlawyer. 

  • No nonsense: I believe in handling matters efficiently.  I respond to messages and requests promptly.  I don’t play games.  Whether I am dealing with a client or opposing counsel, I try to be polite but direct.  I make sure my clients are always in compliance with the law, and that they receive every benefit available to them under those laws. 

  • Honest Assessment: I will be candid about the challenges you might face during a bankruptcy case so that you’ll be aware of those issues from the beginning.  I won’t take your case ­– or your fee ­– if I don’t think bankruptcy relief will help you (and I’ll explain to you why I think that).

  • I’m not interested in repeat business.  My goal is to assist clients who need bankruptcy relief – one time.  I want that one time to result in success, the “fresh start” that bankruptcy offers.  At the end of that successful reorganization, I hope I will have earned a life-long friend who won’t need my services in the future. 


My firm isn’t ideal for everyone…but that was never the plan.  If you want your case handled by a responsible and responsive attorney, efficiently and correctly, I hope I will hear from you!

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The scales of justice?

The firm is located on the second floor of a red-brick building in Pooler with plenty of free parking.  (Yes, there is an elevator if you need one.  And there are stairs if you don’t like elevators!) 


The décor is relaxed.  You won’t find a marble entryway, a sterile-looking conference room, or rows of law books.  The office is my second home, and I want you to feel at home when you visit.  I don’t like the stuffy and overly formal feel of a long meeting table. I prefer a “lounge” where we can sit comfortably as we begin to discuss your problem.  It’s a fact that lawyers mainly use the internet for their research these days (just like clients use the internet to research bankruptcy lawyers?).  In fact, you won’t see much paper if you visit. 


I make every effort to be paperless because I think that leads to efficiency, better record keeping and the ability to respond more quickly to a client’s needs from any location.  (However, clients who prefer paper will always receive paper copies of all documents, never at additional cost.) 


Large Firms vs. Small Firms

Whether you choose a small firm or a large one is a matter of personal preference.  Larger law firms have certain advantages.  They have more staff and resources, but they also have more clients.  Whenever multiple people become involved in a project the chance for miscommunication increases.  Some of those misunderstandings can be avoided by one-to-one communication.

If you are shopping for legal representation of any kind, ask a few questions.  Who will you be meeting with?  Who will be handling the day-to-day matters in your case?  If there will be a Court proceeding, what is the name of the attorney who will be appearing on your behalf?  These are simple questions that will have an impact on your experience and will help you decide if the relationship will be to your liking. 


“If you’re so great, why don’t you have an entertaining commercial?”

You won’t see advertisements for Narmore Law Office on billboards or television (but I do have some great ideas).  Plenty of good lawyers use these types of advertisements, but they can be expensive.  As expenses increase a lawyer needs to take on more clients to cover those expenses.  Since my goal is to do excellent work for a small group of clients, these types of advertisements just don’t fit my business model. 

I don’t think a billboard or 30-second commercial can give you the information you need to make an informed choice about a lawyer.  The internet does a much better job of providing useful information that potential clients can access and review at their convenience. 

This web site is written, designed and maintained by me.  I hope this site will be informative and will contribute something new to the information already available on the web.  I want it to be a resource for current and potential clients, and anyone with an interest in consumer debt issues.  I believe that if my web site is interesting and useful, my message will reach the right audience more directly and efficiently than mass advertising.  After all: You read this far.  And I’m glad you did!

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